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Thanks to almost 90 years of experience in the RPE mechanical manufacturing and the forefront attention to the latest technological and clinical innovations recently adopted for the Maxillary expansion, Leone is proud to launch the new Strengthened RPE for TADs.

Along with 4 TADs attachments and a dedicated Swivel Key allows the construction of customized both Hybrid (teeth and Minimplants) and full Bone Borne RPEs.


and orientation of
TAD attachments
  Activation with dedicated
RPE screw,
resistant more than 50kgf

It features two posterior arms and, in the package, four TAD attachments are included that can be adapted to the patient’s anatomy and welded by the lab on the body of the screw.

The strengthened expander ensures high resistance and reliability throughout all the therapy.

Thanks to the adaptable TADs attachments, it is possible to highly customize the RPE on each patient anatomy, both in TADs-first and TADs-last approach. Therefore, it can be achieved an optimized expansion load distribution on the TADs.

Available dedicated pliers for TADs attachments customization.

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